SONAD is currently being tested on the campus of Stony Brook State University, New York. The testing program is a part of MBA course 511, Innovations in Technologies, offered by the SBU College of Business. Several projects implemented by the MBA student project teams are outlined below.


In December 2019, a joint SONAD-MBA project team ran a mock test using the SONAD platform, conducted in cooperation with the SBU Admissions Office for an Admitted Students Day. Using the SONAD app, the team demonstrated how the multimedia data packages will be delivered to students visiting the campus.

Samples of Sonas (information packages) informing the students about the campus, academics, sports, and social life on campus were delivered directly to the phones of the test participants for immediate or future use. The Sonas also provided visitor maps and important campus safety guidance.

The proposed use of SONAD during actual events will focus on the following three objectives:

  • Inform students about the university,
  • Obtain real-time feedback about SBU and their visit, and
  • Leave a pitch, “Why SBU?” with the students on their phones.

SONAD FOR Medical Offices and Medical Emergencies

In this project, the students designed Sonas carrying patient information, relevant in an emergency situation when ambulance personnel respond to a distress call. Immediate access to such information may be critical when administering medical care with no other records on hand about the patient’s general condition and medications prescribed.
In a related project, the students developed a concept for using SONAD as the patients are waiting for their doctors to admit them. SONAD will use the time in the reception office for providing various types of medical and health-related information, and delivering it to the patients phones for immediate or future use.


The MBA project team used SONAD at different student social functions on campus. This included a formal dinner of a university club and a student basketball team competition. SONAD was used for distributing information to spectators in real time as well as running a raffle for dinner guests.
Several questionnaires were used for providing feedback to the dinner organizers.

SONAD IN A lecture hall

In this project, SONAD was used in a large auditorium presentation, titled NUCLEAR DILEMMA, for delivering subject-related information to the phones of the students in real time, as the materials were presented and discussed.
SONAD-based questionnaires were used both for challenging the students to offer their own resolutions to the presented dilemmas and for providing feedback about the content of the presentation.