The SONAD platform and its technology will benefit broadcasters and content producers, both advertisers and individual users.

Broadcast listeners and viewers will obtain auxiliary program-related information delivered to their phones that will enrich their experience.

Content producers and distributors will benefit from direct feedback from their audiences, as well as valuable analytics needed to improve both their programming and advertising. Using this data, producers will be able to adjust their programs in response to the quantifiable preferences of listeners and viewers, thereby improving their ratings, satisfying their sponsors, and making their operation more efficient and successful.

Audiences, in their turn, will experience the benefits of SONAD in a multimedia-enriched, customizable environment.

As an additional benefit to SONAD users, they will be able to receive contextualized information during any broadcast or advertisement without interrupting the program flow they enjoy. Text, video, audio, and graphics will be delivered to their phones seamlessly, in real time and contextualized.

In sum, using the SONAD platform and its technology makes advertising less disruptive to consumers and enhances the experience of their favorite shows, broadcasts, and programs.