A Sona, or “digital capsule,” is a collection of multimedia items covering any subject area. Sonas are transmitted directly to consumers’ phones via any media channel: radio, TV, Internet, arena and print.

A Sona is, in essence a web page designed for mobile use, that can be created in minutes on an individual computer but does not require a website Internet provider to be posted on the Internet. Like any web page, a Sona covers a subject area.


Conventionally, digital content is distributed by sending individual files separately, not as a part of a coherent information unit. Other ways involve sending links to files or directories in the cloud using web sites.

The SONAD platform is designed for delivering complex multimedia content (packaged as Sonas) directly to phones, conveniently and efficiently, by using sound in broadcasting and imagery in print media.


Each Sona can include an unlimited number of digital media files – video, audio, image, document, as well as links to websites and social media. The Sona’s multimedia content is sent directly to  a phone’s screen.

Sonas can be used to enrich lectures, for example, by providing real time collateral information. They can add efficiency to public arena events, trade shows, conferences, broadcast or printed advertisements or promotions – anything intended for individuals or groups, using their phones as receivers of information.


A Sona is transmitted by playing a sound code, or by scanning a unique QR code printed on paper or displayed on a screen. These sound codes and QRs can be easily created by any registered individual or commercial user. A Sona can be edited at any moment, instantly updating the information it carries.

As soon as the user’s phone identifies the sound code or QR, the Sona – multimedia content capsule – is instantly delivered to the user’s phone, and stays there for immediate or later use.


Personal Sonas created by individuals can serve as their multimedia electronic business cards. They can include social media links, CV, videos and documents, and phone numbers – all displayed and instantly accessible on a screen. Personal Sonas can be exchanged during meetings, not leaving a trace in cyberspace – exactly as a traditional business card does, but much more conveniently and efficiently.

Sonas created for the marketplace carry information about products and services, advertisements and promotions, videos, guides, and demonstrations.